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  • 17 weeks ago by Spiritpma

    Annualized Energy Output for Small Wind System As a base line for determining how much energy can be produced with a wind system it is important to first perform a rule of thumb estimate using the size of the windmill and average wind speed. The following equation can be used to provide a reasonable estimate of how much energy is generated by your system in its normal wind field. Annualized Energy Output (kWh) = 0.01328*D2*V3 (AEO)
    D=Windmill diameter. This value is squared
    V=Average wind velocity based on local wind class. This value is cubed. If you would like details on the wind class in your area, please send us a message with your area and we will send a wind map of you state for free.
  • 31 weeks ago by Spiritpma

    As we move into the future energy storage will become a bigger part of our lives. Understanding battery technology is important to anyone that wants to go off-grid or have a battery back up system available when the grid goes down for whatever reason. The most detailed concise source on battery information we have found so far is The Battery University which can be found on the following link: https://batteryuniversity.com/. Awesome free website. the have a book with the same information that can be purchased if you need a hard or kindle copy.
  • 40 weeks ago by Spiritpma

    The simplest most cost effective way to keep your home or business running when the power goes out
    Emergency Back Up system
  • 41 weeks ago by Spiritpma

    Need an emergency back up system when your power goes out? How about a battery back up system that is charged from the grid and switches to inverter power when the grid goes down? Need a battery back up system that can be expanded to an off-grid renewable package? Need to start small and expand your capacity? Please contact us to discuss your needs!
  • 46 weeks ago by Spiritpma

    Snapshot of Ventusky.com weather app. Really cool tool for real time weather world wide. You need to check it out.
    Weather Forecast Maps
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