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Aermotor windmills have been in existence since the 1880's and have been used to mechanically pump billions & billions gallons of water out of the ground over the last century and a half.

The Aermotor Tower itself is a platform which has proven itself to stand the test of time and is able to survive in the most extreme and harsh environments. Most Aermoter towers have been able to outlast their mechanical and moving parts several times over.

Hundreds of thousands of Aermotor towers are in existence and in use all over the country. New towers continue to be built by Aermotor today and are still being used for mechanical windmill applications every day.

New and used Aermotor towers and parts are readily available nation-wide. This proven and highly available tower platform makes it the ideal and cost effective choice for the Spirit PMA Wind Turbine.

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Designed to produce wind energy in low wind environments

Designed to fit the standard Aermotor eight foot wheel (blades) assembly

Designed to directly mount on Aermotor windmill towers

Designed to utilize the Aermotor vane, tail & wheel assemblies with only minor modifications

Weight of the Spirit PMA is comparable to the standard Aermotor motor assembly

Power generated is transmitted through a 30 amp slip ring assembly to the system disconnect

Designed to be versatile for grid-tied, off-grid or hybrid configurations



Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Grid-Tied wind turbine system cost?

Costs vary depending on the components you need and type of service desired. As an example, if you already have an Aermotor windmill and components your cost is less; off-grid, or hybrid systems require more components which affect the final cost. Please contact us for a FREE quote at 833-857-8578.

Does my area or location have enough wind available for the Spirit PMA wind turbine?

Please consult the average Annual wind speed map of the US as well as a power density spreadsheet that calls out the wind class descriptions. The United States Annual Average Wind Power. The wind power table. All of this information is provided by NREL.

Are setup and install contractors available?

The PMA assembly directly installs on a standard Aermotor tower mast pipe. Anyone who installs windmill motors on standard Aermotor towers can perform the mechanical installation. While the electrical installation is straightforward licensed electricians are recommended for safety, compliance with local codes and long term serviceability. Please call us at 833-857-8578 for details.

What is your installation procedure?

Installation requirements are similar but vary by system type. Please download a copy of our installation procedures HERE or call us at 833-857-8578 for details.

What is the pay-out time on a Grid-Tied Wind Turbine system?

Electricity generated by Spirit PMA can be sold to the Electrical Grid. The time that it takes to get your money back from the installation of the Spirit PMA completely depends the amount of constant wind at your location. We will be glad to do a calculated amount upon your request. Call us for more information...(833)857-8578.

Ok, so how does the Spirit PMA actually produce electrical power from wind energy?

As the blades turn, the PMA (permanent magnet alternator) generates three phase variable voltage (AC) alternating current. The faster the blades turn, the higher the voltage will be, thus more power will be produced. This energy is then sent through an electrical disconnect to a rectifier, which converts the variable voltage (AC) alternating current into variable voltage (DC) direct current.

1. In our Grid-Tied Wind Energy System, the variable voltage DC power is then sent to an inverter which converts the energy into a standard 60 Hz line voltage, which in turn can be utilized locally and/or exported directly into the power grid.

If Grid Power goes out the inverter automatically turns off and isolates the system from the Grid. Excess power from the alternator that cannot be stored by the battery supply is dumped through the Bulk Resistor to protect the system until Grid Power is restored.

Block Diagram of how the grid tied Wind turbine works

2. In our Off-Grid Wind Energy System, the variable voltage DC power coming from the rectifier is sent to a DC charge controller in order to charge a bank of batteries. From the battery bank, the (DC) direct voltage can be utilized locally or it can be converted to standard 60hz (120V, 220V or 277V) alternating current through the use of an inverter.

Block Diagram of how the off grid Wind turbine works

3. In our Hybrid Wind Energy System, the variable voltage DC power coming from the rectifier can be combined with DC voltage coming from an additional and completely independent solar panel array. The combined variable voltage DC coming from both sources is then sent to a charge controller to charge a battery bank. This energy can then either be utilized locally or it can be exported directly to the power grid with the use of a inverter.

Block Diagram of how the hybrid tied Wind turbine works
How much power does the Spirit PMA produce?

The power produced at the rated speed (220 rpm) is 4.25kW.

From our own in-house test facility, we have been able to achieve the performance results below.

Spirit PMA wind turbine Specs

Special Note: The power produced from the Spirit PMA will vary and the above results may not be typical.

Can the Spirit PMA over-speed or does it have a brake to slow itself down?

There is a brake but it is only engaged when the tailbone is furled. The unit has a linear actuator mounted between the mounting frame and the tailbone for furling or unfurling the Vane. The actuator is powered by a DC line that runs from the surface up through the slip ring to the actuator. A remote control box operated with a key fob controller extends and retracts the actuator arm. During high winds the tailbone can be partially furled to minimize rpm. The only time it should be closed completely is for safety reasons when someone is working on the tower

In high winds, leaving the system under load will minimize rpm. In addition, the tailbone can be partially furled to further minimize rpm and PMA output voltage. We feel that the maximum sustained rpm with the windmill blades is near the maximum rated rpm of the PMA. Above this rpm, the blades will stall until the wind drops into a usable range. The PMA can also handle up to 500VAC open circuit voltage which is about 30% more than the rated output.

To protect from overvoltage, the inverters are designed to clip the input power for self-protection at a predetermined value above the rated input.

Special Note: The Spirit PMA produced wind energy through Hurricane Harvey in August 2017 with no issues. Maximum sustained winds at our test facility were recorded at 77-78 mph.

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